Peer Review

I hate group projects!  BUT, I can say this is by far the best group project I have ever expienced. 

1)  Our group was a team and we all assist in the ideas from start to finish.

2)  All members made to meeting with useful information to present.

3)  The project was divided and assignment were completed faster than I thought.

4)  The whole team had an input in the xtranormal video.  Creative ideas from others did help a lot.

5)  Our project was complete in great time with an extra day to review.

Thank you Theola , Victor, Omime & Jerrod…………

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In the month of August I got lots to accomplish even though school is on pause until September.  I got needs just like everybody else and wants.  I need and want a vacation.  My friend invited me to come to Vegas with them in a couple of weeks but I’m not sure because I think it’s a bad time but sometimes you just gotta do it, like Nike.  I don’t like having regrets about stuff I should have done, instead I rather talk about old-time when I enjoyed myself.  My birthday is coming up in September and I am schedule to work but then I think is this a time in which I should just do me and forget about work.  Some people can just live life to the fullest and have no worries about consequences.  I find that hard to swallow.  I’ve always worried about my future and wanted to have a better living standard. 

In the month of August I plan to get my car fix which have been down since May 6, 2010.  The day after Cinco de Mayo I got hit on the Lodge service drive.  I pray that my car get fixed because this is the 4th shop its been inside for the same collation repair.  Other than the repair I must get my sister her birthday gift and save money for my birthday that’s coming the next month.  I also need to register for the fall and be prepared in just a few weeks for 16 weeks of school.  Time sure does go by fast.

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Colleges and university’s are big business.  Governments, small business owner’s, corporations and even non-profits organization get involved in operating functions at colleges and university’s.  For example, I attend Wayne State University and a lot of construction for new development which must mean someone needs to be employed and someone needs to be paid.  All colleges and university’s have their own apparel to purchase, stores for shopping on/near campus, places to live and entertainment.  Sometimes, I think what is needed to make a college or university more than what it is or what people perceive it to be.  I perceive it to be a place to learn, party and grow as an individual.  Wayne State campus has improved over the years with regards to safety, entertainments and new housing.  The new developments of townhouses/apartments, school buildings and bars/restaurants in the area gives a welcome atmosphere.  Again, I wonder what is needed to make Wayne State different from other colleges/universities in a creative way.  Maybe a new technology or dress code?  Or maybe the school should be the first university to do some act of kindness.  Wayne State already takes advantages of much of whats new in the world but sometimes an alternative can be solution.

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“Translation Exam”

Building the theory of online rhetoric through xtranormal software was a creative challenge. has the options to choose characters from a variety of genres.  The characters could be male/female, male/male, female/female, superheros, robots, even crash dummies.  Choosing who to play a role in a short movie is like being a director.  After choosing our casts next xtranormal gives choices of sets which is the background or location of the scene and allows you to change actors/actresses and their voices from english to foreign accents.  There is a sound selection also that offers features of background sound and background music.  The sound selection must be choosing wise because it can become a distraction.  The tone of the background music and sound needs to match with the voice pitches so the audience can hear the conversation.  And finally the story’s section which allows you to type in the text boxes whatever you want your characters to say with the choice of ad-lives like looking at the camera, changing camera angles, motions, finger-pointing, face gestures, look at and pauses.  The characters lines must be reviewed with changes in the formatting for comparison to judge which scenes needs adjustments for story lines, sound and background. offers may features we can use to translate our project into a movie.  In xtranormal format making the characters act dramatic was a strategy to building ethos.  Choosing humans to play our roles instead of robots or crash dummies in  another way we incorporated ethos.  When  you text the characters story lines xtranormal gives you options to use a face gesture, pause, or look at the camera for an example.  Making the characters act out rather than talk what we typed was another one of our strategies.  We was able to type sources from our research in  a conversational manner by stating where they got their information.  There is a bubble feature that’s for adding titles or credits.  Asking a question in a precise wording can catch our audience attention because the wording will persuade you to want to answer the question and become apart of the discussion.  A pause is also a great way to catch the audience attention.  The strategies on xtranormal also allow you to use your own voice as another feature.  Composing in xtranormal our concepts from the evaluation proposal project was an amazing obstacle.  Creativity  was  key because making characters act out a controversal topic was a challenge.  The writing process of lines for character was like putting an actual movie together.  But with the digital technology we were able to edit, save, listen, preview before publishing faster and more conveniently.  These strategies can also  be link to Facebook, wordpress,  twitter and others to receive comments and likes from online users.

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Literature Review

Volume 17, Number 2, Summer 2010 E-ISSN: 1468-2893 Print ISSN: 1072-4745 “Brothels without Walls”: the Escort Sector as a Problem for the Legalization of Prostitution

This piece of writing contains useful information I believe will help argue our points to legalizing prostitution in Michigan.

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Defintion Paper

Human Trafficking

            Human Trafficking is a huge problem in America and it may be worse in other countries of the world.  I initially thought of human trafficking as modern-day slavery or force labored workers in sweat factories.  In America, immigrants are here illegally and legally and they may find employment through a “under the table” establishment or real company.  For example, what if an illegal immigrant/resident works as an escort/masseuse through online chats and social networks and a legal immigrant works as an exotic dancer at the “Bunny Ranch”.  This question of “What makes an escort/masseuse, prostitute and exotic dancer different from each other?” wonders inside my head and then I thought, “What about a porn star”?  Isn’t there a law against this somewhere? “The 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report on 184 nations is the most comprehensive worldwide report on the efforts of governments to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons.(” and the key word are “severe” which must be at a greater risk of trauma to a society.  Human trafficking can happen to men, women and children of any ethnic group.  Human trafficking is also tied in with international and organized crimes.  “Many people probably remember popular movies and television shows depicting pimps as dressing flashy and driving large fancy cars.  More important, the women – adults – consensually and voluntarily engaged in the business of prostitution without complaint.  This characterization is extremely inaccurate, nothing more than fiction. In reality, the pimp traffics young women (and sometimes men) completely against their will by force or threat of force; this is human sex trafficking (Human Sex Trafficking).”  Have human trafficking evolved to become escort services, prostitution or exotic dancers? And what aspects distinguish them from each other.

In America, Nevada is the only state which allows some forms of legal prostitution.  “Contrary to popular belief, trading sex for money is not legal in Las Vegas. Prostitution is permitted only in the few licensed brothels located in Nevada’s most rural counties (”.  Therefore, you must work at the few licensed brothels in Nevada in order to prostitute legally.  Prostitution in America is mostly runaways children from unhappy homes.  These children are usually abuse physically, mentally, and emotionally sometimes forever.  Most of these runaways children who eventually prostitute themselves are on drugs and alcohol  at early ages.  Depression and anxiety are common symptoms for cases of children who are America’s runaways.  Love is not permitted in the world of human trafficking and instead fear, abuse and sometimes death is the consequences of children in the prostitution business.  “Prostitution consists of knowingly engaging into offering to engage in a sexual act for hire.  As used in this section “sexual act” means sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation of another, anal opening of another, whether of not there is any emission.  Whoever commits prostitution is guilty of a petty misdemeanor, unless such crime is a second or subsequent conviction, in which case such person is guilty of misdemeanor  (”.  Prostitution brings organized crime into play because of the large amounts of cash and patrons associated with the business.  These organized gangs will abduct  young children and force them to learn ways to engage in sexual activities for potential customers through assault and battery.   “Pimps are people who procures a prostitute for customers or vice versa and takes a portion of the profits for the sexual activities (”.  Pimps can be very manipulative, persuasive and aggressive to prostitutes.  Pimps are known to punish any of his prostitutes or better known as “hoes” and “tricks” for not making enough money, snitching or refusal to work.   “Pimping is a commercial endeavor of the act of prostitution.  Prostitution is the act of offering one self for hire to engage in sexual relations (”.  Ironically, after years of prostituting most of these “hoes” have made a physiological bond with their pimp and now the acts a sex for money are now voluntary.  These young children who now are all grown up are knowledgeable of the pimping business and often want to continue the lifestyle.

The escort/masseuse services business are also known to be an underground prostituting rings.  The escort/masseuse are supposed to give massage pleasure and comfort to their desired clients.  Many occasions these so-called escort/masseuse services are just another loophole into the sex industry.  The persons employed with these escort/masseuse services can be illegal immigrants with false documentation, abducted children or runaways from home.  The strategies of this escort/masseuse service are much similar to human trafficking.  Except human trafficking is illegal and escort/masseuse services are legal. and both have sections in their home page where these escort/masseuse services will post ads with pictures of body shots and a short bio or message of service.  The words of choice are sometimes obvious that the customer knows which escort/masseuse service is really a front business.

Exotic dancers are known to work at strip clubs, private parties and bars.  Exotic dancers are supposed to give erotic fantasies to customers while dancing to their fashion of style.  The strip clubs, private parties and bars are sometimes illegal or legally own and operated.  The illegal strip clubs, private parties and bars are known as “afterhours”.  These “afterhours” that host exotic dancers are popular for having alcohol, smoking, drugs and sex for price.  The legal strip club, private parties and bars also have acted in the crimes of money for sexual relations.  Just because a business legally have exotic dancers doesn’t mean they don’t do illegal acts such as human trafficking.  In Nevada, which is the only state that allow prostitution in some form such as their brothels have a large number of cases in trial of illegal prostituting as do other state.  In particular, in the case of Amanda Walker-Rodriguez, she was a young girl who supposedly ran away and begged an older man to drive her to Nevada to make money in exchange for sex as a way to living because her household was unstable.  Unfortunately the older man got charged with underaged interstate human trafficking and the punish is life in prison.  The testimonies from the case sounds suspicious like most of these trials of prostituting victims.  Most jury’s don’t know whether to believe the prostitute or the pimp.

Furthermore, human trafficking is illegal but it still exist today all over the world.  In some parts of the world its a way of life and means to help the family.  Unfortunately, some countries have high child abduction rate from these organized criminals.  America also have a problem of illegal immigrants, runaways and abductees prostituting through tactics of force strategies from pimps.  The world of human trafficking has loopholes in the laws of America and other countries that allows a prostitute, escort masseuse or exotic dancer to misdemeanor charges and the emotional connection that prosecutors find difficult to break between a pimp and prostitute are so dominate.  Have human trafficking evolved to become prostitution, escort/masseuse services or exotic dancers and what aspects distinguish them from each other?  Prostitution rings, escort/masseuse services and exotic dancers all have illegal immigrants, runaways and abductees that operates like an organized crime business for human trafficking.  Today, human trafficking is modern-day slavery at its peak.  Forcing men, women or children to exchange sexual relations for profits is degrading at his worse.  Even if it’s the persons is volunteering their body they probable are under “hypnosis” from their pimp.  Pimping ain’t easy or portrayed on television like real life.  For more information about human trafficking visit the website at

Work Cited


Mazeda Hossain, Cathy Zimmerman, Melanie Abas, Miriam Light, Charlotte Watts. American Journal of Public Health. Washington: Dec 2010. Vol. 100, Iss. 12; pg. 2442, 8 pgs

Amanda Walker-Rodriguez, Rodney Hill. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Washington: Mar 2011. Vol. 80, Iss. 3; p. 1 (9 pages)

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Definition Paper Homework

1) Have human trafficking evolved to become escort services, prostitution or exotic dancers?

2)  My audience is all men and women all ages because human trafficking can be anybody.

3)  Men and women all ages need to know what it is and the damage of its effects.  After reading various newspaper articles, I realize how people got themselves into those situations.  Internationally, prostitution is a family business in some areas and the income is used to support the family.  The choice of selling your body to help put food on the table is not optional.  In America, Nevada is the only state with some legal prostiution and some prostitutes are minors.  Recently, a man was sentenced to life in prison for transporting a minor to Nevada for prostitution reasons.


Work Cited

Target News Service. Washington D.C.  July 11, 2011. Online.

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Cultural Analysis

The Woodward Dream Cruise

            In Michigan, Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler have made huge impact to our cities.  The “Big Three” produced most of the America’s classic cars and hot rods we see today at special car events.  The state of Michigan also known as home of the motor city is famous for attracting people from all over the world to come and see our cars.  Cruisin’ Gratiot, Cruisin’ Michigan, and the Woodward Dream Cruise all feature a wide range of classic cars and hot rods which most are from the “Big Three”.  Car culture in Michigan is classic cars and hot rods.  Classic cars and hot rods have a historic balance in Michigan.  It’s the birthplace of ideas and creations to satisfy a need in Michigan as well as America and some consider the Woodward Dream Cruise a holiday.  Today, the Woodward Dream Cruise is becoming more and more popular and successful in the car culture.  What are the key factors that help market the existence of the Woodward Dream Cruise?  Is car culture or technology the reasons why the Woodward Dream Cruise has become popular and successful?  The Woodward Dream Cruise is a non-profit organization that showcase an annual event held every third Saturday of August and the world’s largest one day automobile event.  Originally, it was a fundraiser in efforts to receive a soccer field in Ferndale, Michigan in 1995.  The Woodward Dream Cruise has brought more financial benefit to Michigan than the MLB All-Star Game in 2005, the MLB World Series in 2006 and NFL Super Bowl XL in 2006.  This annual event attracts over a one million people and forty thousand classic cars and hot rods.  The Woodward Dream Cruise influences the ideas that used to make concept cars.  The Woodward Dream Cruise has a website, blog, facebook and twitter which you can use easy from their website at  The Woodward Dream Cruise also has sponsors and their links to the sponsors can be found on the home page of their website. 

            The Woodward Dream Cruise website has all the information about this year’s event on August 20, 2011.  After you enter search the you will notice pictures changing of cars every few seconds.  Don’t let that distract you because there are tabs at the top labeled home, about, shop, hotels, restaurants, auto showroom, sponsors and contact.  The tabs are useful to give much information for the new generation of car culture.  The Woodward Dream Cruise is only once a year and fans do need a way to stay connected.  On the website there is a link to their blog in which fans are able to post comments and select favorite memory as if this means to “like”.  The blog page also feature questions like “What type of car are you looking forward to seeing at the 2011 cruise”?  “What did you like about the Dream Cruise this year”?  ” Where did you cruise in your younger years”?  “Favorite Car” and “Tell us where you watched the Dream Cruise”.(  The “about” tap gives the history, dream cruise photos, events & parking, news, WDC E-LERT, F.A.Q. and WDC Board.  The “shop” tab features merchandise and apparel through online purchase.  The “hotels” tab offers names and location of places to stay while enjoying the Woodward Dream Cruise for out of town guests.  The 2011 official Woodward Dream Cruise hotels are Embassy Suites, Fairfield Inn Marriott, Comfort Suites, Marriott Detroit Troy, Holiday Inn Express, Marvin’s Garden Inn, Wingate by Wyndham, Marriott of Auburn Hills Pontiac, Hampton Inn, Red Roof Inns, Courtyard Marriott, The Westin and Quality Inn.  The “restaurants” tab offers 2011 official Woodward Dream Cruise featured restaurants such as Duggans Irish Pub, Pasquales’s and Olga’s Kitchen.  The “auto showroom” tab has a list of car clubs and events with the locations of where they will meet and information to put your car club on the list.  On the “sponsors” tab the sponsors in categorizes from gold sponsors to silver sponsor and finally a bronze sponsors.  This year Chevrolet is the premiere sponsor with the Chevrolet symbol embedded on the home page upper right corner.  Chevrolet is promoting their 100 years of Chevrolet event. 

            Social networks like and is a great to converse and connect with people of the car culture.  The Woodward Dream Cruise is like a new society of car fans that uses technology not just inside the car but to network with those who share similarities in car culture.  On June 28 at 12:50 pm Andy Mills’s posts “Can’t wait for the Cruise, myself and a mate will be flying in from Great Britian just for the Cruise, its going to be AWESOME!!!!”  with Joan Bright commenting “You’re gonna love it! Look for the guys with the fancy sign that says “Old Farts in Dodge Darts”—they are hysterical” and Jet Trish Kraus commenting “Are you flying in Andy”? with Andy commenting back “Flying to Chicago for a few nights then driving to Detroit the Friday before the Cruise, its going to be special”.(  Reading the comments from facebook, especially Andy Mills really gave a sentimental reason for flying all the way from England just for a one-day automobile event.  There are 7,548 like on the “about” section on facebook which seems like an understatement since the volume of fans is over a million.  On twitter page the Woodward Dream Cruise has 242 followers, 36 tweets and only following 14.  These numbers must mean that the car culture must be communicating through other channel such as word of mouth, sponsors, television and other social networks.  There are many websites that are car clubs like and some that are more specific like that consists of more users and would explain alternative avenues to reach the car culture.

            This one-day automobile event receives much exposure to a wide range audience and sponsors want to become part of history while giving attention to their company.  This year Chevrolet is the Woodward Dream Cruise official sponsor celebrating their 100 years of service.  A special group of car modifiers designed, built and manufactured a “firebreather” which is a 2010 Chevrolet camero with a vintage “Trans-Am” look with over 600 horses.  There are only 50 of the “Firebreather” made to sell and fans are buzzing that Chevrolet needs to make another Trans-Am for the fans.   I am a fan of the camero and especially the “fire breather and offers clips of fans, cars and the car culture through uploaded video from fans of this car culture.  A video clip labeled “The Woodward Dream Cruise and the Firebreather” has a fan from Detroit who loves the “firebreather” so much she tattoos the logo on her lower back for bragging rights and her love for the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Carmen from Detroit states, “Its something that I said would never do, but I mean the symbol itself, and where its gonna go, I just can’t not do it, it just belongs there and the symbol, its sexy and it just has to be that way”(  For example, most of the fans are very emotionally connected to this culture of car lovers.  From the creation of the “firebreather” a movie were derived called Jinn coming to theaters this 2011.  The movie is said to have shots of the “Firebreather” in the film.  Also comedian Tim Allen starred in a television show called “Home Improvement” in which Tim attempts to modifier classic cars and hot rods into more power cars than before.

            Furthermore, the Woodward Dream Cruise has a special connection to American muscle and the car culture.  The Woodward Dream Cruise is a national holiday to some supporters and just a tradition to others.  Annually, every third Saturday in August the Woodward Dream Cruise is free to all who wants to come see the classic cars and hot rods.   The state of Michigan has strong links to the history of classic cars and hot rods in America.  The Woodward Dream Cruise benefits Metro-Detroit financially from all the revenues received from this huge attraction.  What are the key factors that help market the existence of the Woodward Dream Cruise?  Is car culture or technology the reasons why the Woodward Dream Cruise has become popular and successful?  The websites/blogs, twitter/facebook, sponsors and other social Medias are some reasons why success and popularity has skyrocketed.  There is a sentimental relationship in the car culture between classic cars, hot rods and the American people.  The existence of Woodward Dream Cruise has soared since their establishment in 1995 with the number ranking in over a million.  The popularity and the success are truly amazing without a huge number of facebook friends and twitter followers.  Technology has impacted the car culture on a numerous venues.  The supporters and volunteers committed to their culture as if this is an ethnic background.  People are not born with classic cars or hot rods but their appreciation and love for the culture is a phenomenon.



Work Cited “The Woodward Dream Cruise and the Firebreather”!/OfficialWDC



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Class Notes

Arguments of Definition

Set up parameters

(1)Formal (definition)

Ex.  Pencil==Writing Instument==Marker, Pen, Charcoal

Ex.  Cat==Mammal==Playful, Part of the Family, Four Legs Friends

By definition how is a Prosititute different from a Escort, Stripper, to a Music Video Dancer(is it Legal)

If term x = certain conditions, Then term x= illegal

Ex. Define Red} Blood, Stop, Warning, Fire: these definition may also have other meanings

Ex. Refugees was a word to define people from other countries, then changed to aliens, which was a big upset then to domestic, then to evacuees.(definitional process)

What is middle class, What is defined as middle class and Why it doesn’t work(Meritocracy)

How do you define Class, How do you define Middle

Rich==Working Assumption

Ex.  Marriage} a union btw 2 (polygamists)ppl by national agreement=2men/2women{economics, religon{spiritual union B4 god w/god}, culture/society(progency)==SEX=coitus


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Class Notes

The Art of Quoting:

MLA documentation is Informative, Persuasive, {Evaluative Proposal}+(CULTURAL ANALYSIS)


Counter Arguments/Re

Adam says (1) example of footnote (using an unknown name to protect identity)

elipses is [. . .]

Interview styles

(qtd. in Pastore) the writer used

 Pastore quotes that he recieved from another author

Underline or Italics all services …articles, online sources, journals

Double space  (._x_New sentence)

Rhetoric & Reality (R & R)


1 Introduce Quotes=Who is the author, Where does the source come from,

2 Accurately Cite The Quote=use brackets or elipses     100% of the time

3 Reflect=explain to reader why this is important. explain quotes


=Exigence= Social Need


The Oxford Comma , and

Example1 Red(,) White(,) and blue



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